HAYES Gin was started by a husband and wife with a passion of the Mediterranean lifestyle, delicious food and great drinks. In 2016 we started creating gin flavours in our kitchen and quickly realised we could create amazing flavoured that simple blow the old gins we had been drink out of the water. 

So we quit our jobs and decided to give the world the most amazing gins we could create. We jumped in our car and drive around Spain looking for the best ingredients and flavours we could find.

We searchede for suppliers and farms looking for exactly the right fresh all natural Mediterranean ingredients to create HAYES GIN. Some of our ingredients come from Mediterranean farms that have hardly changed their farming methods in over a century.

But create amazing gin was the simple put, what followed was three years of hard work going from bar to bar, restaurant to restaurant, long nights at events, years of knocking on distributors doors and many sleepless nights. However in February 2020 it all seemed worth it when we got the call to inform us HAYES GIN had won GOLD & BRONZE in the 2020 World Gin Awards for Spain....!


Ask any great chef and they will tell you; every great dish starts with the best fresh ingredients. Our theory is very simple; find the best tasting Mediterranean ingredients and use them to produce amazing tasting craft gins.


Everybody knows that Mediterranean food and fresh ingredients are some of the best tasting and healthiest in the world. These same fresh Mediterranean ingredients are used to create our spectacular gins.

At HAYES, we are all about quality and taste, EVERYTHING else comes second. This dedication to quality shows in every single one of our hand crafted bottles. 

HAYES distills small batches of authentic premium hand crafted gin, in an artisan copper still the way gin should be made.


HAYES Mediterranean is our signitual London Dry gin. It's an incredibly smooth, juniper forward gin with a light, crisp, citrus core and slight peppery, earthy finish. HAYES Mediterranean gin has been especially designed to be smooth and refreshing.


The magic created between the copper still and the 12 very carefully hand blended Mediterranean botanicals, result in a truly remarkable tasting Mediterranean inspired gin that simply couldn’t be made anywhere else.

In February 2020 HAYES Mediteranean won the WORLD GIN AWARDS Gold awards for Spain and crowding it one of the worlds best gins.


Made with not one, but a blend of 3 hand selected, fresh Spanish oranges from Valencia, Seville and Italian Blood Orange to create a truly increadable tasting gin.


These fruits, ripened naturally by the warm Mediteranean sun, gift us their wonderful flavours which then, added to aromatic Ginger combine to create what can only be described as "Pure Gin Heaven in a Bottle".

In February 2020 HAYES Mediteranean won the WORLD GIN AWARDS Gold awards for Spain and crowding it one of the worlds best gins.


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Malaga SPAIN




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